Najib Values Friendship And Solidarity In UMNO's Struggle

PUTRAJAYA, June 5 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak appreciates the friendship and spirit of solidarity of his comrade-at-arms in UMNO who are honest and sincere that the sacred party remains strong.

Speaking at the breaking-of-fast with about 2,500 friends and comrades at Seri Perdana, here, the UMNO president, said he was overwhelmed that his comrades-at-arms who did not care about good or bad times had remained with him and did not betray the party.

"Nothing is more valuable than an honest and sincere friendship among us who already know the hearts and minds of fellow colleagues due to what we have gone through (before).

"In a struggle, what gives us satisfaction and pleasure is when we have more friends and companions who are always by our side.

"Friends are many If you're happy and have power, there are many people around us, they will turn up even if we don't invite them, but during difficult times, those people who are still with us show the sign of honesty and sincerity of their struggle," he said.

Also present was his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

At the function, Najib and Rosmah also presented tithe contributions to about 160 orphans from three orphanages, Rumah Ilham, Alkhairiyah Orphans Welfare Home and Maahad Tahfiz Ittifaqiyah.

Najib said he and his colleagues-at-arms were always grateful for the deeds and value of the struggles of UMNO.

"We will continue the party struggle. Our party will continue to be strong. We owe it to the party. What we have today is because of the struggles of UMNO. Our fortune today is because UMNO. Anything we have today is because of UMNO's struggle. Do not forget UMNO's deeds.

"We are not strong, I am not strong but UMNO is strong. We are strong because UMNO is behind us. This sacred party makes us strong, as such Putrajaya belongs to us.

"We must fight for UMNO in whatever situation. We don't promise ranks or contracts or anything. We try to promise a struggle. If there is luck, Allah will determine the sustenance in whatever amount to us. If we fight for Allah sincerely, there will be a portion for us later," he said.

At the function, Najib and Rosmah also cut yellow rice as a token of appreciation for the friendship and solidarity given.

Najib and his guests also performed the Maghrib, Isyak and Tarawih prayers.