Melaka state civil service to be restructured - CM

MELAKA, May 21 (Bernama) -- The Melaka state government will restructure its civil service in efforts to ensure the effectiveness of the service of its agencies to the people, said Chief Minister Adly Zahari.

He said currently the state government was in the process of evaluating the level of competency, capacity and capability of the civil service before undertaking the restructuring.

"The question of reducing civil servants does not arise. However it will involve transferring of civil servants and where there are weakness, we will improve with training and so on, " he told reporters after attending the Melaka state government monthly gathering here today.

Previously it was reported Melaka has about 8,000 civil servants serving under the Melaka state government and its agencies.

He said in the restructuring of the state civil service, the welfare of those involved would be among the matters to be taken into consideration.

In administrating the new government, Adly said the civil servants, being regarded as the backbone, were directly involved in the power transition process.

"Civil servants are a crucial group as they draft and implement policies that determine the direction and future of a government or society," he added.