Japerun's role seen to be ineffective - Melaka CM

MELAKA, May 25 (Bernama) -- The State Assembly Development and Coordination Committee (Japerun) which is supposed to play an important role in empowering and improving the quality of the state's delivery system and services to the people seems to have failed in its role, said Melaka Chief Minister Adly Zahari.

He said, officers and staff appointed in Japerun were middlemen whose job was to liaise information and problems faced by the people to the leaders to ensure a solution could be reached as soon as possible.

However, Japerun's role was now seen to be ineffective because many problems faced by the people were not resolved and delayed over a period of time so people had to find other mediums to channel their problems or complaints, he said.

"We are getting various complaints and problems voiced by the people and I think if Japerun had played its role wisely and effectively, the people will not come here today (Hari Bertemu Rakyat) and hence we have not decided when to reopen Japerun or whether it should be continued or not."

"For me the presence of the people here today shows that there is a need for the people to meet us directly to address the issues that are still in no way resolved and we will continue with the 'Hari Bertemu Rakyat' every week," Adly told reporters when met at the 'Hari Bertemu Rakyat' (Meet-the-People-Day) programme at Dewan Seri Bendahara, Ayer Keroh here, today.