Gobind says looking into peculiar incidents

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 (Bernama) -- Several incidents such as the the BOT attack on handphones that occurred on the May 9 election day as well as reports of directives issued such as the blocking of online portals on election night have caught the attention of Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo.

Also on his radar was the personal data breach fiasco that reportedly affected tens of millions of mobile phone subscribers.

"I have called for various reports on such incidents from my ministry," Gobind said on Facebook and Twitter.

Among others, complaints on spam calls from unknown numbers were reported by politicians on both sides of the divide on election day that some said had hampered communications with the respective election machinery.

The minister further said there would be a review of certain provisions in the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, and proposals to amend them would be considered.

"I welcome suggestions from all concerned and I'll be in touch with Eric Paulsen from Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) and the Bar Council for discussions in this process," the Puchong member of parliament said.

It was reported that LFL had called on the minister to probe alleged past misdeeds of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and ensure that it became accountable to the public.